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Diamond Islands 2 Android apk

This is the sequel of the original "Diamond Islands". It continues all the good elements and more. There are 10 islands including "Cross Islands", "Thunder Islands", "Tree Islands", "Turtle Islands", "Skull Islands", "Anchor Islands", "Hawk Islands", "Crab Islands", "Diamond Islands" and "Temple Islands". On each island, there are 6 quests for you to complete. You may think that there are fewer levels than the previous "Diamond Islands". No, the other levels can be found in the new game mode, which is called "Play Challenge". New challenges can be unlocked when you finish the corresponding island. There are altogether 60 challenges here. In "Diamond Islands 2", some elements have been added and improved. Bridges become more complex to use. A new kind of bridge is the "wooden bridge", which is very unstable. Also, there are 2 switches now; one is to activate the bridge, while the other is to deactivate the bridge. You should look at the map carefully to choose the right switch. Speaking about the maps, now you can use a special "Eye" to view the whole stage. This feature is only available in the PC and iPhone version of "Diamond Islands", but now you can use it here. The mechanics of the sand is different from the first one, too. Once you move the totem on the sands, it will slide until there's something to block it, instead of moving 2 steps.

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