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Evostar Legendary Warrior Android apkEvostar Legendary Warrior Android apkEvostar Legendary Warrior Android apkEvostar Legendary Warrior Android apk

Evostar Legendary Warrior - Download now and join thousands of legendary Dragon Warriors in a quest to rule the the galaxy in an anime RPG.

Long ago the legendary dragon god Skubata had created the universe. With his divine powers he created 4 Dragon Warrior races to roam the galaxy.
Each Dragon Warrior race was given the superpowers of: Strength, Speed, Martial Arts and powerful KI ball blasts.
The god is looking for a great Dragon Warrior to join him in the heavens to rule the universe. Only one can reach the top, Will it be you?

Game features:
- Travel, fight and defeat enemies across the galaxy!
- Beat each level in each planet and become the greatest heroic space warrior!
- Handle various exciting higher gravity levels as you get stronger!
- Inflict massive damage on your enemies and dodge or deflect their attacks!
- Craft legendary Power Suits!
- Slay your enemies in fast paced fights full of action!
- Power up your anime warrior and upgrade his attributes to legendary levels!
- Collect lots of exciting loot after every fight!
- Transformations - When you upgrade your attributes enough, something legendary might happen…!
- Fight and defeat legendary enemies, and become stronger after every fight!

And that doesn't even scratch the surface:
- A classic RPG - upgrade your attributes, craft your own various Power Suits and collect loot!
- Never-ending number of levels to beat!
- Slay infinite number of enemies in legendary heroic fights across the galaxy!
- 50 unique Power Suits you can craft!
- Break chests and collect their loot while you slay your enemies!
- Enjoy the exciting action by flying super-fast wherever you want!
- Collect loot from your very own Spaceship!
- Awesome graphics, sci fi and anime effects!
- Cool sci fi action themed sounds and music!
- Heroic anime themed warrios, placed in a beautiful sci fi world!
- Fight and defeat your enemies in this new exciting sci fi free role playing game.

1. Install Apk
2. Open game & download additional data
3. Play online

Download (OS4.0 and up)
>> Evostar Legendary Warrior v1.9.0 .apk

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