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Run like Troll Android apkRun like Troll Android apkRun like Troll Android apkRun like Troll Android apk

Run like Troll - TROLL TROLL TROLL Everywhere ;)
This is new game Run and troll. One of best funny game for troll fan.
Trollface was born from 9gag forum.
And this is one of best simple runner game for fan troll faces
You have definitely known about troll faces; however, have you ever played games with them?
Run like Troll will help you get experience with troll faces
Run like Troller is simple together with eye- catching graphics and funny sound. You will become a troller running on the roofs. However, dangerous roofs with barriers will make you fall onto the ground, even underground.
Try to achieve perfect scores when jumping onto the edge of the next house. It will help you get high scores.
When starting, you will definitely get angry when continuously dying. Don’t be hasty. Be relaxed. Playing game is to entertain. Get used to this guy’s jumps and you will get higher scores.
When you have 3 points: luckily, you are still not able to mingle with this troller
Now... Run and trolling now ;)

10 points: nice try, and you start to get to know more this guy
15 points: OK ! You are bettering troller
25 points: you are wonderful!
40 points: No troller can surpass you
150+ points: can you share your secrets of becoming successful?

Game features:
- Funny character
- Simple controls
- High scores
- Happy music

1. Install Apk
2. Open game & play

Download (OS2.3 and up)
>> Run like Troll .apk

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