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War Cry Out Android apkWar Cry Out Android apkWar Cry Out Android apkWar Cry Out Android apk

War Cry Out - The best third person shooter game on mobile and Tablets

It’s a real premier third person shooter experience available on your mobile phone and android tablets. A complete military covert operation game and the object is to kill your enemies in their strongholds.

Being a special trained officer, you will conduct a covert operation on Mediterranean Island. A boat backed by choppers will drop you on the shores. Sneak into deep inside enemy’s territory and eliminate those using latest weapons of warfare.

The information of your arrival however has been leaked. Hostile forces have increase the threat level and are on high alert. Their snipers have taken down their positions , their tanks are ready to welcome you and their foot soldiers equipped with modern technology weapons furious to get you down on your knees.

The unlimited missions on the island, jungle, mountain range would not let you settle down. Survive their attacks and outshoot your opponents. Use their Tanks and Guns to destroy their own bases. Enjoy access to an elite armory where AK47 is just a baby toy.

So test your shooting skills in the battlefield where it’s not a clash of Kings or drug mafia but an elite army occupied on your territory. So fight like an action hero , kill them before they kill you , hunt them before they hunt you and find your target , aim and that should be a kill shot.

The player is visible in third person shooter games and you can control his all moves. So we are providing you unusual war action game experience!

War Cry Out Game Features:
• Roam around in 3d environment and prey like a hunter
• Unlock the deadly missions by completing the deadly missions!
• Unlock the cool gears, like armor, RPG, missiles etc.
• Earn coins and use them to make purchases from the stores
• Enjoy the real 3d sounds of guns , Helicopter , tanks and missiles while playing
• Real third person shooter game.

1. Install Apk
2. Open game & play

Download (OS2.3 and up)
>> War Cry Out v1.0.1 .apk

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