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Fisticuffs Android apkFisticuffs Android apkFisticuffs Android apkFisticuffs Android apk

Fisticuffs - Remember the good ol’ days when a steak dinner cost a nickel, when everyone appreciated the glory of a handlebar mustache and a person’s worth was weighed by how much of a beating they could inflict on an opposing boxer? We don’t remember those days either, but with this fun, arcade boxing game you’ll be transported back to a time when you’re just an uppercut away from fame and fortune!

Fisticuffs features a wide selection of colorful, over-the-top opponents, who’ll each need to be taken down if you expect to end up as the king of the ring. You’ll lead your punching pugilist through a series of intense fights on their way to becoming the ultimate champ!

Game features:
- Great graphics
- Original heroes
- Good controls
- Absorbing matches

1. Install Apk
2. Open game & play

Download (OS2.3 and up)
>> Fisticuffs v200 .apk

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