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Virtual Town Android apkVirtual Town Android apkVirtual Town Android apkVirtual Town Android apk

Virtual Town - enjoy living in this virtual world. Help your hero build a house, furnish and decorate it. Collect the needed resources and use them. Immerse into a realistic world of this game for Android. Help your hero grow and develop. Meet different characters in the game, find out their stories and help them. Buy the necessary tools like axes, shovels, etc. Cut trees and use the wood to build a house, harvest from your farm, catch butterflies and other insects, and restore the City Museum.

Game features:
- Huge city
- Many interesting tasks
- Item crafting
- Day-night cycle

1. Install Apk
2. Open game & play online

Download (OS4.0.3 and up)
>> Virtual Town v0.4.7 .apk

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