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Zombie Fallout Android apkZombie Fallout Android apkZombie Fallout Android apk

Zombie Fallout - is the new and coolest Shooting Action RPG to hit 2016. The diversion has rich Anime realistic and workmanship. The saucy, yet delightful, characters in ZFO will just implore you to cherish them. Put on your one of a kind suit and impact through everything with fatal abilities and weapons in your arms stockpile. Be the cutting edge renegade GUNNER everybody loves to despise!

Game features:
► Unique modern characters with Enhance Suits and Costumes.
► Stats help component and update framework to make fatal Hero.
► Various fatal weapons and additional items.
► Thrilling PvP framework: Duel Mode 1 versus 1 and TEAM/Legion Mode. Evidence that you are the best "Zombie Slayer" in the Galaxy!
► Cross Server PVP: Fight versus different players from various Servers. You UP for the genuine test siblings and sisters?
► Gene System: just accessible in Zombie Fallout. Utilize DNA modification to make brave Super Soldier.
► Pets: cute, cheeky, and effective determination of pets for you to convey to fight. The main amusement that gives you a chance to convey FOUR pets at the same time to fight!
► Skill framework and Talent framework to change and alter your Hero. Strategize and win.
► Dungeon challenges and Legion Raid BOSSES giving crowd of fortunes and prizes (in the event that you are adequate to beat them).
► Every Hero needs a ride. In Zombie Fallout your rides are UFOs!

1. Install Apk
2. Open game & play

Download (OS4.0.3 and up)
>> Zombie Fallout v1.5.1 .apk

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