EvilBane: Rise of Ravens Android Game Apk

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EvilBane Rise of Ravens Android apkEvilBane Rise of Ravens Android apkEvilBane Rise of Ravens Android apkEvilBane Rise of Ravens Android apk

EvilBane Rise of Ravens - Pulverize your adversaries with the force of the Heavenstone!

Another period of hack and cut RPG starts now with EvilBane. Bone-shattering activity rendered in console-quality 3D representation happens in a gigantic dreamland with a great many plunder to be uncovered. Experience the epic pretending diversion on your cell phone now!

A quarter century war crushed the area, a dim and intense shadow has come back to the kingdom of Ceroth and difficulties the relentless force of the Heavenstone. The area, which had thrived for so long, now discovers its peace debilitated. It is the ideal opportunity for the picked Raven to rise and spare the world before the shadow wrecks all trust.

• Gear – Evilbane's dazzling apparatus is essential for commanding the war zone. Tweak your character with more than 1,000 unique weapons and protective layer.
• Raid - Team up with your partners to crush capable managers and harvest the grandness and wealth as your prize.
• Dungeon - From thick woodlands to leave rises, chilling ice sheets and hazardous volcanoes, and the distance to a flying stronghold, unending investigation anticipates with chances to get novel rigging.
• Arena - Be arranged and outfit yourself with rigging deserving of a champion as you test others to test your quality. Let the battling start!
• Guild – Bond with your nearest and most grounded partners. You should battle as one to fight against different societies for honor and pride.

Minimum requirement : CPU Dualcore 1.2GHz, Ram 1GB.

1. Install Apk
2. Open game & download additional data
3. Play

>> EvilBane Rise of Ravens v1.1.5 .apk

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